TechnoPark is being built on 21 million square metres of land, and will house
60,000 permanent residents and employ over 133,000 people. We will function as a
hub that enables research partners to access the resources of academic and
research institutions, and international associations worldwide.

TechnoPark is a member of Economic Zones World, which operates under Dubai
World, one of the largest holding companies in the world. We have an advanced
communications network, a full range of administration services and, as a
special economic zone, TechnoPark offers numerous benefits.

TechnoPark is an exceptional place to live and work. We not only attract direct
investment in manufacturing and research and development, but also lead the way
in the fields of applied science and technology. Key Features and offerings of
TechnoPark are

  • Covers 21 million square metres of land, about 30 percent of which is open
    space areas.
  • Brings the most advanced organisations in the world together, fostering
    shared understanding through research into and development of new
  • Aims to cultivate greater knowledge for the future, by promoting
    continuous innovation and progress.

TechnoPark aim to take a lead in the research and development of new
technologies and we have created an environment where businesses at the
forefront of their fields can work together with top academicians and
researchers. Managed by a team of experts and associated with a prestigious
network of science and technology organisations, TechnoPark will be an
incomparable place to work.


key focus at TechnoPark is on the Middle East’s core economic sectors,

  • Water resource management
  • Development of alternative and efficient energy resources
  • Environmental resource management.

TechnoPark also focus on other areas including:

  • Life sciences
  • Sustainable industrial development
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Socio-economic knowledge

TechnoPark is situated to the west of Jafza in Dubai. We are the only technology
park in the region positioned between a world-class seaport and an international
airport, taking you beyond the boundaries of geography.

By Road

Seven entry points to TechnoPark:

  • Two main points via Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road.
  • Five entry points via two parallel roads to TechnoPark, connecting
    directly to local developments such as Jafza South, Madinat Al Arab and the

By Rail

Situated near two of the three upcoming Dubai Metro routes:

  • Red Line (along Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi)
  • Blue Line (along Emirates Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi).

By Sea

Strategically located near Jebel Ali Port:

  • 8th largest container port in the world.
  • Benefits from global sea connectivity.

By Air

Minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali:

  • The world’s biggest cargo and passenger airport.
  • Unrivaled sea to air transshipment.



  1. The
    Technology Core:

    the central
    business district, where you can find:

    • The Landmark Building – the park’s most distinguished tower, representing
      renewable energy.
    • The Boulevard – a spacious, tree-lined main access route connecting the
      Campus Core to the Landmark Building.
    • The Campus Core – home to technology-driven, specialised university
    • The R&D Core – a low-rise development with incubator facilities for
      technological innovations.
  2. The Mixed Use

    frames the gateway into TechnoPark from Sheikh Zayed Road. It is also the Main
    commercial development with mega mall, retail outlets, showrooms and business
    class hotels and houses two 8-storey office buildings.

  3. The Industrial Zone

    the park’s manufacturing arm, purposefully located on the north-western outer
    rim to minimise environmental impact and traffic disruption. It Features
    showrooms, hotels and office buildings.


At TechnoPark we provide you with all the assistance you need to set up and
begin operating in minimum time. TechnoPark issues the following types of

  • Industrial Activities Licence -

    To carry out the manufacturing and assembling of specified products.

  • Professional Activities Licence -

    To carry out specified professional activities.

  • Trading Activities Licence -

    To carry out the import, export, distribution and storage of specified items.

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