Ahmed Bin Rashid FZ (ABRFZ)

Free Zone complex consists of 845m of quay wall with 400m capable of handling ocean-going vessels, and 118,000m² of land reserved for light Industrial Development. Standard services of water, electricity, communications, labor accommodation are all available. In addition, the Free Zone provides a comprehensive administrative and logistic support to the tenant.


Investment Incentives

  • No Corporate Taxes for a minimum of 15 years.
  • No Import Duties, No Export Duties.

License Type

Issued To

Activities Allowed

General Trading Companies incorporated outside or legally established outside UAE. Trading Purposes(Cargo must be brought directly or indirectly to the port)
Management & Consultancy Companies incorporated outside or legally established outside UAE. Management & Consultancy Companies incorporated outside or legally established outside UAE. Management & consultancy services (except for shipping agencies)
Special License - -


  • Activities allowed: Manufacturing, Trading and Consultancy
  • Port facilities: Ahmed Bin Rashid Port (feeder vessel), Ports in Sharjah
  • It offers 100% foreign ownership
  • It offers 4 visas for office unit. However, no restriction for industry/assembly units operating in leased land as required for the activity.
  • Company formation period is 3-4 days.

Investment Procedures

A company interested in setting up a project with the Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone needs to submit a completed application form.

After receipt of the completed application form the Free Zone Authority will consider the proposal. Once provisional approval has been given the Company or their legal representative will be called for a meeting to discuss and finalize details of the project.

Upon finalization of project details, the Authority will prepare Lease and Secondment Agreements for signature.

When the agreements have been prepared a meeting between the company and the authority will be arranged, during which the Lease and Secondment Agreements will be signed. The applicant Company will then be asked to pay the Special License fee prior to issue of the aforesaid License.

The Lease Agreement between the Authority and applicant Company will be for a period of fifteen years with an optional renewal period to be agreed upon.

Under this Agreement the Authority will sponsor staff on behalf of the company. Applications for entry permits may be submitted once the Lease & Secondment Agreements have been signed, Special License issued and construction commenced. Staff sponsored by the Authority may not obtain employment outside the Free Zone in the UAE.

A Special License is issued upon signing of Lease & Personnel Secondment Agreements between the Free Zone Authority and Investor, valid for one year & is renewable annually.

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