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Offshore Company


Setting up an offshore company is the solution for optimizing tax free income and capital while creating a cost effective structure with which to house investments, property, personal and corporate assets.

We provide services for most of the offshore regions worldwide. Setting up of an offshore company is favored so as to maintain anonymity and privacy. The details of all transactions and business are completely confidential with limited liability and tax exemption which altogether makes certain jurisdictions the site for the formation of most popular offshore companies.

We have a long list of distinguished companies who have benefited from our offshore professional services. Our services include, but by no means are limited to:

  • Offshore Company Formation Services and Offshore Banking is ready to provide professional offshore companies incorporation in safe,
  • confidential and stable jurisdiction;
  • supplementary offshore services such as:
    • offshore banking, nominee services,
    • offshore international merchant accounts,
    • great customer support,
    • affordable prices.

UAE offshore incorporation helps you to run your business or asset ownership in the Middle East in the most profitable manner. Especially because you avoid the cumbersome process of having the off shore incorporation company documents attested by various embassies and Ministries of Foreign Affairs!

We have established business relationships with our customers that are based on trust and mutual benefit which we hope to enjoy for years to come. In return our customers get committed offshore banking and professional offshore service.

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