ZonesCorp established as a government- backed higher corporation for                                                                                                        specialized economic zones, is directly responsible for the establishment,                                                                                                         management and operation of specialized economic zones in Abu Dhabi.                                                                                                                      ZonesCorp is committed to developing the industrial infrastructure in the capital,                                                                                                       cultivating a business climate conducive to growth and driving the diversification of the economy.

ZonesCorp has much to offer businesses in the way of value propositions
and operational incentives. With specialized zones in the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi boasting of state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge utilities,
logistics capabilities, advanced communications infrastructure and
workers residential cities, investors can easily set up their
businesses in the country’s capital and set their industrial projects
in motion in a matter of a few weeks.

Their Unique Value Proposition aims
at building a solid diversified economic base for the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi. It is based on two core competencies:

  • They develop, operate, manage and administer zones of special
    economic nature in strategic locations throughout the Emirate of Abu
    Dhabi – tailored for specific needs.
  • They leverage on an enhanced financial capability by procuring new
    specialized clusters through Public-Private Partnership management
    structures and involvement of the ZonesCorp Infrastructure Investment


Main Objectives Includes

  • To drive the development of specialized economic zones in Abu
    Dhabi in line with the governments multipronged economic strategy.
  • To prompt the development of a broad spectrum of local industries
    in order to vary the sources of national income.
  • To cultivate an investment climate conducive to professionalism so
    as to attract UAE nationals, develop their skills and integrate them
    into the workforce.
  • To encourage the establishment of small and medium-sized
    specialized industries by offering operational incentives.
  • To spread awareness about the “specialized economic zone” business
    model through tactical PR and advertising campaigns.
  • To promote creativity and endorse innovation in all industries
    pertinent to specialized economic zones.
  • To engender regional economic integration by synchronizing between
    various projects to be launched in the GCC and neighboring Arab
  • To benefit from the expertise of international organizations in
    the field of specialized economic  zones establishment with the aim of
    adhering to global best practices.

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