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International Humanitarian City (IHC)

a place that is a catalyst
for changing the world and the way we think about it. The first
humanitarian hub of its kind, IHC enables humanitarian organisations
through its global reach, infrastructure and custom designed services to
facilitate aid and development efforts across the globe. IHC is a global
humanitarian and aid hub, which aims to facilitate aid and development
efforts by providing local and international humanitarian actors with
facilities and services specifically designed to meet their needs.

An independent free zone authority created by the Government of Dubai1 ,
IHC consolidates Dubai as an essential link in the humanitarian value
chain. Leveraging the proven Dubai free zone model, IHC addresses the
specific needs of the humanitarian aid and development community, while
grouping them in a secure environment that fosters partnerships, social
responsibility and global change.

At the same time, IHC offers commercial companies the opportunity to
operate from a highly strategic location in a free zone environment that
is adapted to their particular industry, while benefiting from
attractive incentives and an array of value-added services.

IHC believes that humanitarian operations will benefit from the
integration of commercial suppliers of goods and services. By
co-locating, nonprofit and commercial entities will be encouraged to
share best practices to increase their operational efficiencies and
improve institutional learning.

IHC is a non-religious, non-political and nonprofit organisation.

Acting both as an operational platform and a physical and virtual
meeting place, IHC provides nonprofit organisations, companies, donors,
volunteers, governments and those striving to save lives with a common
ground for collaboration.

Where hope becomes action.

What makes the IHC offer unique?

  • A community of local and international humanitarian nonprofits and
    commercial suppliers
  • A fully integrated one-stop-shop, with access to procurers, suppliers and
    business partners and fast multi-modal logistics capabilities
  • Office, warehousing and meeting facilities
  • A comprehensive set of value-added services
  • Increased visibility and networking opportunities
  • A platform for humanitarian information and knowledge exchange
  • A socially responsible operating environment
  • Facilitated access to job seekers, volunteers and CSR endeavours

What makes IHC a ‘strategic location’?

  • A crossroad between East, West, North and South
  • Rapid disaster response: 7 hours maximum flight time to major crisis-prone
  • 10 minute sea-to-air logistics capabilities
  • Superb airport and seaport infrastructure
  • Dubai’s economic momentum, political stability and governmental support
  • Minimal red tape
  • Competitive fee structures
  • A cosmopolitan and attractive living environment
  • Stable local currency
  • Free zone benefits:
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • 100% free transfer of funds
    • 100% exemption of import and export duties

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